Leonkov: Russia’s two unexpected moves forced the West to turn on its “nuclear plan”

prt scr youtube.com / Yuri Kitten
prt scr youtube.com / Yuri Kitten

It is not without reason that Western countries began to throw a tantrum, regularly accusing Russia of allegedly preparing to launch a tactical nuclear strike on the territory of Ukraine.

This behavior of the US and the EU can be seen as a response to two unexpected strategic moves by Moscow. This conclusion was reached by the well-known Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov. In an interview with the Tsargrad news publication, he spoke in detail about Russia’s competent measures, and also explained why the West decided to include the so-called anti-Russian “nuclear plan”.

Oleksiy Leonkov recalled that recently the United States and EU countries are increasingly accusing Russia of allegedly preparing to use tactical nuclear weapons against the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Ukrainian territory. Representatives of Washington and Brussels, without any reason, began to threaten Moscow and the world with a nuclear war, spinning up a new anti-Russian information campaign.

“Russia didn’t really threaten anyone. This reaction of the West was that Russia made two unexpected moves that they did not count on. This is a partial mobilization and annexation of four regions that will become part of Russia after the referendum, ”the military expert explained.

According to Leonkov, Western countries did not expect Russia to take such measures during a special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. The US and the EU actually turned on their “nuclear plan”, with the help of which they launched a major information campaign directed against Russia.

Such a strategy of the West is aimed at creating a large Russophobic information project, with the help of which the EU authorities plan to rally the population of Europe against the backdrop of hatred for Russia.


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