Lens Protocol developers have released the second version of the protocol


The developers of the social Web3 platform Lens Protocol have launched the second version of the protocol, which includes the ERC-6551 token standard and improved functionality of external smart contracts.

Data: Twitter.

The main change in the new version is the Open Actions function, which allows you to register any action in the protocol directly through the interface. For example, a user can issue non-fungible tokens based on their post through the OpenSea marketplace by clicking a single button.

The project team identified several possibilities for the new feature:

  • subscribing to a user or a specific publication;
  • trading in ERC-20 or NFT tokens;
  • joining the DAO;
  • buying land in the Decentraland or Sandbox metaverses;
  • donations and donations;
  • paid messaging system;
  • providing liquidity for DeFi protocols.

In turn, the ERC-6551 format allows you to bind NFT directly to profiles, and not to a specific address, and interact with applications using them.

“Lens V2 has expanded the ability to share value across users, algorithms, curators, and apps. Everyone can share income and reward synergistic actions,” the project representatives noted.

The developers have also improved the account protection system. Profiles can now be linked to any available wallet and stored on hardware devices.

When transferring an account to another address, all data is converted automatically.

Lens Protocol is a composable and decentralized social graph that uses smart contracts on the Polygon blockchain to build decentralized applications.

The protocol aims to make Web3 social networks censorship resistant and help open up new forms of content monetization using NFTs and other cryptoassets. Lenster, Lens Booster, Phaver, Lenstube, LensPort, Mester applications are built on its basis.

Recall that in April, Lens developers introduced the beta version of Bonsai, a solution for scaling social networks based on the blockchain.

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