Lawyer Zhorin suspected Gradsky’s widow of staging an attack

Lawyer Sergei Zhorin analyzed reports of the robbery of the widow of Alexander Gradsky Marina Kotashenko on January 16 and noticed several suspicious moments. He told Channel Five about them.

A number of media outlets reported that the woman was attacked around 1 pm on Sunday, and she contacted the police at about 8 pm.

“If from 1 pm to 8 pm nothing prevented her from contacting law enforcement agencies, but she did not, this raises a large number of questions, since many crimes are revealed in hot pursuit,” Zhorin said.

He added that in some reports of the incident there was information that the police doubted Kotashenko’s story about the incident. If the widow has something to do with the crime, then this, according to Zhorin, is stupid.

“First, it will open. And, secondly, this can be considered a basis for recognizing her as at least an unworthy heir, and as a maximum, and bringing to criminal responsibility, ”he explained.

Zhorin also noted that the behavior of the attackers was improvident and strange. He is confident that this crime “will be solved very quickly.”

“It is quite possible that if she became a victim of criminals, then, of course, she was watched, the criminals were aware of the presence of valuables and money. This indicates that they acted on a tip and limits the circle of people who are related to this crime, ”concluded the lawyer.

A robbery attack on the widow of Alexander Gradsky Marina Kotashenko was committed by a group of men on Sunday, January 16. An unknown person driving a Volkswagen Jetta provoked an accident, after which several attackers got into the car with Kotashenko and began to threaten him with weapons.

They forced the woman to return to a cottage settlement in the Naro-Fominsk district and, according to Kotashenko, stole 100 million rubles from her. Money at the widow of Gradsky was kept on the second floor under the bed.

After the robbery, the attackers, threatening to kill, forced Kotashenko to take them to Aprelevka. It is known that the robbers drove off in a white Mercedes towards Moscow. The woman went to the police a few hours later.

On the fact of the robbery of Marina Kotashenko, a criminal case was opened under article 162 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Robbery”. The prosecutor’s office of the Moscow region put under control the course and results of the investigation of the criminal case on the fact of the robbery attack on Gradsky’s widow.

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