Lawyer Solovyov: scammers came up with a new scheme to deceive the most sophisticated Russians

Phone scammers have learned to deceive even the most sophisticated Russians. The new scheme of deception is actively used by swindlers in the Volga region and the central regions of the country, lawyer Ivan Solovyov warned.

Attackers contact a potential victim and report that in one of the banks someone is trying to issue a loan in his name. Some Russians, who have heard about phone scammers, doubt the need to transfer money, Prime writes.

The next step is for the scammers to send documents to the victim about taking out a loan. A person sees personal data and a fake signature. According to the lawyer, at this moment the citizens lose their critical thinking and they agree to follow further instructions. It is later revealed that no loans were made in their name.

Elderly people are the most common victims of phone scams. In Vladivostok, an unknown person decided to “help” a pensioner save her savings and asked to transfer the money to a special account.


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