Lawyer Deaton denies rumors that Judge Torres receives a salary from the SEC

Lawyer Deaton denies rumors that Judge Torres receives a salary from the SEC

On a recent CryptoLaw broadcast, pro-XRP attorney John Deaton spoke out on several issues regarding the ongoing SEC lawsuit against Ripple.

Several rumors have surfaced over the past few weeks after Judge Analisa Torres delayed the summary judgment in the case.

Some members of the XRP community argue that suspicious activity may be going on behind the scenes, preventing a judge from making a summary judgment. It seems to some XRP enthusiasts that the judge is working with the SEC to the detriment of Ripple.

Interestingly, Deaton’s lawyer was also a witness to these rumors.

“I keep seeing people now saying that something nefarious is going on because a judge is allegedly following an SEC order,” he said. .

Deaton disagrees with vile rumors

According to Deaton, these rumors stem from growing frustration within the XRP community. Deaton noted that he understands that people are frustrated that the judge is taking too long to decide.

However, he disagreed with the claim that something nefarious was going on behind the scenes of the Ripple lawsuit.

“From my point of view, this idea that something nefarious is going on is absolute nonsense.” Deaton said.

Deaton explains the reason for the delay

The pro-XRP lawyer explained that the reason for the judge’s delay in issuing a decision was because she had to study a large amount of information.

He added that the judge understands the importance of her decision for the crypto industry and she does not want to make mistakes. In addition, Deaton said the amount of information Judge Torres has to look into before making a decision is “monumental.”

The judge understands that if she rules in favor of the SEC, Ripple is ready to appeal the decision. He adds that the SEC v. Ripple case will go to the Supreme Court if the company appeals Judge Torres’ decision.

“If you are the judge writing this ballot, knowing that the supreme judges of the United States of America and the Second Judicial District will review and transcribe every word you write, you can take your time,” he added. .

Judge Torres is not on the SEC payroll

Deaton’s lawyer also dispelled widespread rumors that Judge Torres was receiving money from the Securities and Exchange Commission, which requires her to comply with the commission’s orders.

The pro-XRP lawyer explained that if Judge Torres had “worked” for the SEC, she would not have ruled against the panel regarding Hinman’s emails.

“If she was corrupt and getting money from the SEC, she would never have made public the Hinman emails they fought so hard to keep confidential,” he said. attorney Deaton.

Recall that Judge Torres denied the SEC’s motion to classify Hinman’s emails, drafts of William Hinman’s 2018 speech.

The documents show that Hinman ignored warnings from senior SEC officials to issue a controversial speech declaring ETH a non-security.

In addition, the document also revealed that Hinman met with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin a few days before the speech.

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