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Lavrov answered questions about the food and gas crisis in Uganda


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived on a visit to Ethiopia. This is the last point of his tour of Africa. Prior to that, in Uganda, during negotiations with the country’s leadership, the key topic that is now of particular concern to the inhabitants of the entire continent was the global food crisis.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni put aside his famous hat, by which the President of Uganda was remembered when he flew back to Sochi, and in which in Uganda itself he looks from every official photo, even in his own office, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni put aside when he greeted Sergey Lavrov, and then posed with him for a protocol shot.

Moscow and Kampala agreed to strengthen cooperation (especially in food supplies), which will not depend on external influence and the whims of the West, which is responsible for the food crisis that began long before the Ukrainian events.

“The only way the Ukrainian situation is related to food security is through illegal aggressive sanctions that the West has imposed against the Russian Federation. These sanctions affect the entire supply chain, both financial and transport, which needs to be preserved and ensured for the uninterrupted supply of Russian grain to consumers” , Lavrov said.

Just at that moment, news came from the Russian Ministry of Defense: a joint coordination center began operating in Istanbul to control the transportation of grain from the ports of Ukraine. After all, it is important that the agreements reached last week with such difficulty be respected.

“In this document, UN Secretary General António Guterres committed himself to achieving the abolition of all restrictions,” Lavrov said. “This obligation is written on paper. I hope that Secretary General Guterres will be able to fulfill what he signed.”

In the meantime, the West is shifting responsibility for its own actions to Moscow, be it problems with food or energy. After all, Nord Stream 2 is completely ready to meet all the gas needs of Europe, but is closed for purely political reasons. And the story of the turbines sent for repair, which Canada did not want to return, was not fully resolved.

“I have a very simple question: if there is a regulation that ensures the safety of the operation of the gas pipeline, are we called upon to violate this regulation, as representatives of Germany do in particular? in general, they are famous for such a national trait as pedantry, accuracy, they can call for the violation of the rules on which the safety of people depends.

Despite Western sanctions, which Uganda – like the rest of Africa – did not support, Kampala plans to increase trade with Moscow. They did not forget here who supported the anti-colonial movement on the black continent.

“Some people want us to take a stand against Russia. We always answer: “Russia has been with us for the last 100 years, how can you be against them?” said the President of Uganda.

But foreign reporters are interested not so much in the bilateral agenda as in the international one. And again – about Ukraine.

“Read not what you see in the slogans on the screens or in social networks, but what Western politicians say. And they say the following: in this conflict, Ukraine must win on the battlefield, no negotiations with Russia. Read, I didn’t come up with this” Lavrov noted.

“I said in an interview a few days ago that Russia has no prejudice against negotiations with Ukraine. Immediately, several hours passed, as the official in the State Department said that the United States believes that now is not the time for Ukraine to negotiate with Russia. Draw your own conclusions” – said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

It seemed that even the marabou, walking next to the tents along the largest lake in Africa, Victoria, should have been ready to understand everything, but not Western reporters, that everyone did not let up. And the end was put by the President of Uganda, Musevini. After all, food security is what Africa is most interested in right now.


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