Labeling prescribed simplicity // CRPT advocates preserving a simplified drug intake scheme

The operator of the labeling system “Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies” (CRPT) suggested that the Ministry of Health and the government retain the ability for pharmacies to accept goods according to Scheme No. 702, which regulates a simplified mechanism for submitting information about taking medications to the system. The center claims that this will avoid a number of problems in obtaining drugs from suppliers.

As it became known to “Kommersant”, CRPT proposes to keep for pharmacies the opportunity to use scheme No. 702 when taking drugs from suppliers – the center has already sent appropriate proposals to the Ministry of Health. Let us clarify that scheme No. 702 regulates the mechanism for submitting information about the acceptance of drugs to the labeling system. It can be used if the consignor of the drugs, for whatever reason, did not transmit to the information system information about the receipt and shipment of the labeled drug, or if they did not get into it for technical reasons.

As explained to Kommersant in the CRPT, in the fall the government temporarily simplified the labeling of drugs, allowing the participants in the system to use schemes for accepting goods as No. 702 and No. 703.

“They allow, for example, pharmacies, not to wait for confirmation from the supplier, but to immediately take medicines on balance, while the labeling system itself completes the chain,” the center’s press service explained.

The CRPT, as follows from his letter to the Ministry of Health, proposes to cancel the scheme No. 703, since in the last three months it was used only 16 times, and of them 14 times by mistake. The center proposes to keep the scheme No. 702 for pharmacies, as it turned out to be quite in demand. “With its help, about 30% of all transactions on the balance sheet are carried out, because it is convenient for companies. There are no risks – the system itself automatically controls everything, completes chains and detects illegal supplies. As a result, the scheme No. 702 allows companies to avoid “re-sorting”, insures against mistakes of suppliers and against delays in the submission of information by the senders, ”the press service of the CRPT notes.

“From a business point of view, we are positive about this initiative. The scheme works as a fallback, however, as practice has shown, it helps to resolve a number of issues with manufacturers and distributors, ”said Evgeny Zhigulsky, Deputy General Director for Information Technologies of the NEO-PHARM pharmacy chain.

Anastasia Manuilova

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