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Kyiv wanted to evacuate 220 thousand people from the controlled part of Donbass

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for the reintegration of uncontrolled territories Irina Vereshchuk said that the country’s authorities intend to organize a mandatory evacuation of the population of that part of Donbass, which is still controlled by Kyiv.

As Vereshchuk said on July 30, there is no gas and electricity supply in the mentioned regions, as a result of which it seems impossible to heat houses in those areas.

“The 33rd article of the Code of Civil Protection of the Population speaks of such a form of evacuation as mandatory. I believe that this is the responsibility of every adult family member. There are 52,000 children in the Donetsk region, they need to be evacuated, they must not be exposed to mortal danger in the winter without heat, light, without the possibility of warming up,” UNIAN quoted the vice-premier as saying.

According to preliminary data, we can talk about about 220 thousand people.

Vereshchuk also stressed that in case of refusal to evacuate, every citizen will be required to sign a document according to which he understands and is aware of all the consequences and is personally responsible for his life.

Earlier, on July 28, information appeared that due to the bankruptcy of Naftogaz, Ukrainians were advised to knit sweaters, warm socks and seal windows for the winter. Such advice was given due to the fact that the government of Ukraine has a number of difficulties in purchasing gas for the heating season, and European countries cannot guarantee the necessary assistance in solving this problem. Kyiv refused direct purchases of Russian fuel back in 2015, outbidding Russian gas from Europeans.

On July 26, Naftogaz Ukrainy officially announced a default on Eurobonds.

On July 20, Naftogaz Ukrainy asked the government of its country for a subsidy of 150 billion hryvnias (about $5 billion) to purchase gas for the heating season. The holding noted that direct budget financing is needed to resolve the issue of gas purchases.

In turn, on July 22, the deputy and ex-speaker of the glad, the former head of the ruling Servant of the People party, Dmitry Razumkov, said that Ukraine should take part of the Russian gas that goes through transit pipelines to the West. In his opinion, a paradoxical situation has developed for Kyiv, in which the Ukrainian side does not replenish its own storage facilities with the necessary amount of fuel, while “millions of cubic meters of Russian gas are pumped daily.”

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