Kyiv has lost a lot of people and equipment, militants are increasingly in conflict

The Russian Defense Ministry reported new data on the special operation in Ukraine. The enemy continues to suffer significant losses. As of July 13, according to the agency, as a result of the strikes, the total losses amounted to up to one thousand personnel and more than 100 pieces of weapons and military equipment.

Attacks are being made on military targets on the territory of Ukraine. So, on the afternoon of July 13, Caliber high-precision sea-based missiles destroyed in Zaporizhzhya the combat vehicles of the multiple launch rocket system of the artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hidden in the hangars.

The Russian Defense Ministry also said that among the militants of nationalist formations, conflicts and clashes with the use of weapons began to occur more and more often.

In total, since the start of the special operation, 137 helicopters, 249 aircraft, 1,534 UAVs, 4,050 tanks and other military equipment have been destroyed.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry published another data on the crimes of Ukrainian armed groups. So, in the villages of Dobroslav and Krasnoselka, Limansky district, Odessa region, militants occupied medical facilities, driving out sick people, young mothers with babies and women in childbirth.


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