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Kudrin proposed to create a new budget rule operator


The head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, believes that it is not the Ministry of Finance or the Central Bank that can become the operator of the budget rule, but a new structure. In his opinion, savings can be stored in yuan or other external assets. Mr. Kudrin noted that the mechanism of the fiscal rule can be adjusted, but the basic principles “should remain.” “Maybe the operators under this rule should not be the Central Bank or the Ministry of Finance, but someone else who is not under sanctions. It may be a special agency. Plus, savings may not be in dollars, but, for example, in yuan. You can look at other assets, but they should be fundamentally external, because we insure ourselves against the presence of dollars on the market,” Mr. Kudrin told TASS. throwing a large amount of currency into the market at a time when the price of oil rises, and vice versa. “In this case, with such an outburst of the currency, the exchange rate strengthens. And when the price…


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