Kozlovsky “blew up” Larin and Dukalis in the series “Street of Broken Lights”

Shot from the series “Streets of Broken Lights”

The audience was shocked when the most famous “cops” – Andrei Larin and Anatoly Dukalis – died in one of the episodes of “Streets of Broken Lanterns”. The 18-year-old novice actor Danila Kozlovsky, who played the role of an antagonist, was to blame for everything.

Nothing foreshadowed trouble when the criminal investigation officers hit the trail of another criminal. Everything developed according to the standard scenario: a raid on the attacker’s apartment, the elimination of the villain. The heroes were already preparing to celebrate the victory, but the writers had other plans in this regard.

According to the plot, Larin and Dukalis for some reason returned to the apartment where the murdered hero of Kozlovsky lay. At that moment, a grenade fell out of his hand, which blew up two heroes. Colleagues with tears in their eyes buried both of them, while inconsolable TV viewers sobbed at the TV screens.


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