Kosovo authorities release Russian journalist after detention

Komsomolskaya Pravda journalist Daria Aslamova got in touch with the editorial office after the arrest and told where she was. On Sunday, August 7, the website kp.ru reports.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda journalist Daria Aslamova got in touch with our editorial office and said that she was in the town of Rashka on the Serbian-Kosovo border,” the publication said.

According to her, she reached the border at four in the morning on her own.

Daria told the newspaper that after her detention in Kosovo, she was told that she could be exchanged for Americans or extradited to Ukraine.

Earlier in the day, the self-proclaimed entity’s interior minister, Celal Shvetsla, said that Darya Aslamova had been detained in Kosovo on charges of espionage. She later stopped communicating.

It is noted that the Russian woman was preparing a special report on the growth of tension between Serbia and Kosovo on the instructions of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

On July 31, the situation escalated on the Serbian-Kosovo border after the Kosovo-Albanian authorities demanded that the Serbs living in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija re-register Serbian license plates on cars and documents.

Kosovo Albanian forces in Pristina unilaterally declared independence from Serbia on 17 February 2008. The self-proclaimed republic is not recognized by Serbia, Russia, China, Iran, Spain, Greece and a number of other states.

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