JPMorgan Chase released its fourth quarter 2021 financials, reporting a 14% drop in net income compared to the same period in 2020. The net profit received by the bank amounted to $10.4 billion. According to the bank, the decrease in this indicator is due to the growth of costs, which increased by 11% over the reporting period. The costs of the largest division, consumer banking, were associated, as reported in the report, with “increasing costs for employee compensation, technology and marketing.” The bank’s quarterly revenue rose 1% to $30.3 billion. According to the head of the bank, Jamie Dimon, the results of the quarter are strong “due to increased activity in the capital markets and increased lending.” He also noted that “the global economy continues to do well despite omicron headwinds, inflation and problems with global supply chains.” Shares of JPMorgan Chase on the New York Stock Exchange after the publication of financial statements fell by 4.7%. Alena Miklashevskaya.