Journalists revealed details of Meta’s neural network

Meta (1)-min
Meta (1)-min

In 2024, Meta Corporation will release a new version of the artificial intelligence language model Llama 2, which will be several times more powerful than its predecessor. WSJ reports this.

According to the publication, the AI ​​project will help other companies create services that generate complex text, analytical and graphic data.

The company is currently building the data centers necessary for the operation of the neural network, and also purchasing H100 graphics chips from Nvidia.

As part of the initiative, Meta has partnered with Microsoft to release Llama 2 on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. At the same time, artificial intelligence will work on Mark Zuckerberg’s own infrastructure.

The code of the future neural network will be made publicly available, and developers will receive the necessary tools to create an application based on the new AI.

The corporation expects that Llama 2 will not be inferior to its competitor from Sam Altman’s OpenAI company – GPT-4.

Meta introduced its first language model in February 2023. The corporation trained the latest version of the AI ​​in July on 70 billion parameters.

In August, the Financial Times reported on the company’s plans to create a chatbot with support for different personalities.

Let us recall that based on the results of April-June 2023, the operating loss of the Reality Labs division associated with the metaverse in the Meta structure amounted to $3.74 billion.

Earlier, Bloomberg learned about Apple’s plans to create a competitor to ChatGPT. The company has developed a framework for creating large Ajax language models.

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