Journalists from Vologda assessed the development of industry in the region |  Freepik Company S.L. | Freepik Company S.L.

The current year was not a failure for the enterprises of the Vologda Oblast. In the segment of manufacturing industries, the enterprises of the region were able to maintain their last year’s positions. However, in some industries, there are also negative indicators.

According to the Vologda-poisk information portal, there are industries that show really significant growth. Thus, the production of transport trailers and semi-trailers grew by 97% year-on-year. Or, for example, the production of rubber products, which increased “year-on-year” by almost 65% with a billion-dollar industry turnover.

At the same time, the dynamics of Vologda industries that improve the quality of life of the population leaves much to be desired. Regional textile production in 2022 reduced the cost of its products by almost 12%. And 20% in current prices decreased production in the pulp and paper industry. But the biggest failure in the region happened to the Vologda furniture makers, whose total profit lost 40%.


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