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Johnson did not have time to leave, but already wants to return

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who announced his resignation on July 7, intends to regain this post in the future. This was reported by the Sunday Times, citing sources in the office of the head of government.

According to the publication, Johnson believes that the rule of his successor – Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak – will turn out to be a failure and lead the ruling Conservative Party to defeat in the elections in 2024. It is at this point that he will return and convince the Tories that he is able to return the party to power.

It is clarified that Johnson still has enough supporters in the Conservative Party, despite all the scandals. In addition, his opponents, who forced the prime minister to resign, already regret it, and some deputies even receive angry letters from residents of their districts about this.

Johnson himself, in his last speech in Parliament, hinted at a return to politics and ended his speech with a phrase from the movie “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”: “See you, baby.”

Recall that on July 7, Boris Johnson announced that he was resigning, but would remain in office until a new head of government was elected. At the same time, the prime minister added that he could remain an ordinary member of parliament.


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