Johnson announced plans to remain in office until the mid-2030s

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that in 10 years he will still hold his current post, the Independent newspaper reports on June 26.

Johnson stated this during a conversation with reporters following a trip to Rwanda, where the Commonwealth summit was held. Then the British prime minister told the media about his intention to remain in office until the “mid-2030s.”

“I am actively thinking about a third term and what could happen next. But I will appreciate it when the time comes,” Johnson added.

According to the newspaper, if Johnson remains in office until the projected date, he will be able to beat the record of his predecessor, Margaret Thatcher. She was Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1979 to 1990 and was nicknamed the “Iron Lady”.

The next general parliamentary election must take place in the UK before 24 January 2025. The term of office of the British Parliament is usually five years.

A day earlier, Johnson gave a reason why he is ready to step down. According to the prime minister, he is ready to resign if members of the government decide to stop supporting Ukraine due to significant economic costs.

Johnson has come under fire and is in danger of losing his post over a scandal surrounding parties at the government residence on Downing Street during a nationwide coronavirus lockdown. At the end of May, the country’s prime minister apologized for these parties. He noted then that he takes full responsibility for everything that happened in his presence. At the same time, the head of government refused to resign, which was called for by all opposition parties.

On June 6, a vote was held to pass a vote of no confidence in Johnson. However, representatives of the ruling Conservative Party in the UK could not get enough votes for this. 211 Conservatives voted in support of the prime minister, 148 voted against. countries”.

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