JAXA reported failures in the operation of the Omotenashi lunar module

Communication systems with the Omotenashi spacecraft are experiencing malfunctions. This was announced by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on Thursday, November 17.

CubeSats Omotenashi and Equuleus have been confirmed to have separated from NASA’s Artemis spacecraft on Nov. 16, but communication with Omotenashi is currently unstable.

It is noted that operations are ongoing to stabilize the position of the satellite, ensure power supply and establish communications.

The Orion spacecraft lifted off from Florida on a super-heavy SLS launch vehicle on its test flight to orbit the moon earlier Wednesday. The mission was named Artemis. The launch was postponed several times for technical reasons. The Orion spacecraft will spend three weeks in space, including three days in the Moon’s retrograde orbit. As part of its new space program, the US plans to return a man to the Moon by 2025.

Earlier, on October 12, it was reported that shortly after the launch of the Epsilon-6 rocket with eight satellites, JAXA sent a signal from Earth to destroy it. They said that the decision to destroy the rocket was made because the rocket deviated from the target position and would not be able to put the satellites into orbit. The agency clarified that the rocket was destroyed at 9:57 (03:57 Moscow time) after the malfunction occurred, that is, approximately 7 minutes after launch.

In May, it became known that the Japanese government was going to develop a new generation launch vehicle with a returnable first stage for reusable use. Tests are planned to be carried out in 2026, and the first full launch is scheduled for 2030. The country intends to use technologies similar to those implemented by SpaceX in the Falcon 9 launch vehicle. We are talking about landing the first stage on a floating platform.

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