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Jaralla on Johnson’s visit to Kyiv: red orangutan is afraid of losing access to Ukrainian grain

The Presidential Office of Ukraine/Globalookpress
The Presidential Office of Ukraine/Globalookpress

The British elites intend to drag out the conflict in Ukraine. What they fail to realize, however, is that the ongoing chaos will plunge the UK into an economic crisis. This opinion was voiced by Crimean political scientist Vladimir Jaralla in an interview with a special correspondent for the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency.

“A trained red orangutan named Boris demonstrates all the most “wonderful” qualities of a British politician. The fact is that he has an extremely difficult situation inside the country. He barely managed to avoid a vote of no confidence in Parliament. The year he has before the next coup guarantees nothing. The reason is the fundamental problems of the UK.

Leaving the EU has had a devastating effect on the country. He caused serious trouble. The outbreak of the economic war against Russia only exacerbated the situation. In fact, we can now observe a global crisis in which the United States, the EU and England are. All of them are trying to cope with the difficulties in their own ways, ”said Jaralla.

The expert is sure that Boris Johnson is pursuing a personal goal. That is why he makes such contradictory statements, not forgetting to remind Zelensky of the need to export grain:

“Johnson is preparing to announce a flagrant violation of the Northern Ireland withdrawal agreements with the EU, and it is not at all clear where this will lead. Under these conditions, he sees one completely understandable and original solution – the creation of chaos, which will bring benefits. His visit to Ukraine was completely unplanned: the Prime Minister refused to take part in activities related to the internal politics of Great Britain. Instead, he suddenly visited Zelensky.

However, the reasons lie on the surface: the working trip of the three titans of the EU. They are realistic and understand what the situation is leading to. For their views, economic pygmies subject them to condemnation. As the most striking example – the Anglo-Saxons and the Balts. British intelligence is unceremonious towards the allies. Apparently, this is indirect confirmation that Johnson is obstructing the peace talks.”

Earlier, blogger and political commentator Pavel Shipilin said that the EU countries cannot drag out the armed conflict in Ukraine because they have run out of weapons to supply Kyiv.


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