Japan can also ban the sale of petrol cars till 2030, know which country has banned it first

Sales of petrol engine cars may stop in Japan by 2030. Which will be replaced by hybrid and electric cars in Japan. According to a report by Japanese public broadcaster NHK, Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga said in October that Japan would reduce carbon emissions by 2050.

In such a situation, the deadline may be set in Japan to stop cars with petrol engines in the next few months. First of all, France had banned the sale of petrol-diesel engine cars and expressed its responsibility towards the Paris environmental agreement.

A few days ago, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson banned the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030. In such a situation, Japan may become the third country in the G7 to ban petrol and diesel engine cars.

This plan made to ban petrol-diesel engine cars- According to Katsunobu Kato, the main spokesperson of the Government of Japan, the Ministry of Industry of the Government of Japan will prepare a plan to ban petrol-diesel engine cars by the end of the year.

At the same time, he said that the government will provide support to the country’s car companies to make electric cars and hybrid petrol electric vehicles. According to Katsunobu Kato, Japanese automobile companies, especially companies like Toyota Motor Corporation, which have good research and development resources, can use electric vehicle technology.

On the intention of the Japanese government, the companies kept in silence – Japan’s public broadcaster NHK had earlier reported that Japan’s Ministry of Industry is considering all new vehicles including hybrid vehicles to be electric.

However, the Japanese vehicle companies are not saying anything about how these measures of the Japanese government will affect their business.

By 2030, 55 percent of vehicles will be electric in Japan – The Boston Consulting Group, a research organization on battery-powered vehicles, has released a report saying that by 2030, 55 percent of vehicles in Japan are expected to be electric.

At the same time, tell you that other countries of the world are also taking steps to reduce carbon emissions. So that the Paris environmental agreement can be followed.

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