Italian historian Baratto was outraged by the decision of the Ukrainians to demolish the monument to Catherine II BY-SA 3.0 BY-SA 3.0

The decision of the authorities of Ukrainian Odessa to demolish the monument to Empress Catherine II caused a storm of indignation in the scientific community. His indignation expressed the historian from Italy Marco Baratto.

According to him, the monument to the Empress, the decision to demolish which was previously made by the Odessa city council, should be moved. The scientist suggested moving it to Italy, for example, to Milan or Naples.

On the Web, Baratto posted a petition “Let’s save the monument to Catherine II in Odessa.” He sent a copy of it to Italian Prime Minister George Meloni, calling the decision to dismantle “meaningless.”

Recall that the monument to Catherine II in Odessa was regularly attacked by vandals. The attackers repeatedly doused the sculpture with paint, and the pedestal was painted with obscene expressions. After the mayor of the city Gennady Trukhanov supported its demolition.


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