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It will be easier for Russians to get a civil service


A clear employment policy helps keep unemployment low. “What are our main support measures? be officially recognized as unemployed. This is an effective measure: 75% of citizens, after advanced training and training, find employment or start their own business,” Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Elena Mukhtiyarova said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The next measure is temporary work. Organizations that have declared downtime or introduced part-time employment are given funds so that they can pay their employees to perform other duties during the period of suspension of their main work. This makes it possible to support the income of employees, and the company – to solve the problems associated with the reconfiguration of the enterprise.

The next measure is paid public works. This is when an unemployed person, in fact, gets a temporary job, and receives a certain salary for this, and the state co-finances this. Plus, he keeps unemployment benefits.

“Another measure is subsidizing the hiring of young professionals. This, in fact, is an additional payment to the employer at the minimum wage for the first, third and sixth month of a young specialist’s work for this employer. Employers can also receive subsidies for hiring those who are under the risk of dismissal and other vulnerable job seekers in the labor market,” Mukhtiyarova explains.

It has become easier to get a job for certain categories of specialists. “We have certain positions that can only be filled after passing the competition. The competition is quite long. We are talking about teachers, scientists. This year, temporary rules have been introduced that allow such employees to be recruited under a fixed-term full-time employment contract before the competition “The State Duma is now considering proposals for a law on civil service. We also propose to simplify the hiring of employees. In order to get into the civil service, you also need to wait for the announcement of the competition, submit documents that will undergo a preliminary assessment, then the competition itself. This is a very long time, Therefore, we also want to remove certain barriers here, for example, why not employ the same IT specialists in government agencies under an accelerated procedure,” Mukhtiyarova said.

Read the full interview with Elena Mukhtiyarova in the next issue of Rossiyskaya Gazeta.


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