Instagram will change algorithms over allegations of censoring pro-Palestinian content

Instagram will change the algorithm for displaying content in user Stories – if earlier the service gave priority to original content created by the user over reposts, now these types of posts will be shown on equal terms. The Financial Times was the first to report this, citing sources. According to her, this decision was made after more than 50 employees of Facebook, which owns Instagram, accused the company of censoring pro-Palestinian content. In their opinion, although such censorship was unintentional, due to the existing system, users did not see pro-Palestinian content during the recent Arab-Israeli conflict.

Later, Facebook confirmed information about plans to change the issuance algorithm, although they said that this is not only related to content about the Arab-Israeli conflict. “Stories that share posts from the news feed are not getting the reach expected, and that’s not very good,” Facebook said. Moreover, the company noted that the algorithm applies to any reposts in Stories, so this is not an attempt to suppress any points of view and views.

Large-scale clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police have continued since May 8. They began because of the decision of the Israeli court to evict Arab families. This led to aggravation on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip. The shelling killed 12 people in Israel and more than 250 in the Gaza Strip. On May 21, the parties agreed to a ceasefire.

Read more about this in the publication of “Kommersant”.

Yana Rozhdestvenskaya

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