Injective developers completed Polygon integration


The Injective blockchain team has carried out an integration of the Polygon project aimed at enabling “true DeFi composability.”

Thanks to the partnership, native tokens – INJ and MATIC – can now be used in both ecosystems. When moving assets between networks, the Wormhole bridge converts them into “wrapped” coins with almost zero fees.

Moving assets between Polygon and Injective using Wormhole. Data:

“Integrating with the Polygon protocol brings Injective one step closer to realizing the grand vision of seamless interaction,” the blockchain said.

Project users will have access to new assets from different networks, DeFi protocols, liquidity pools, and “tightly connected infrastructure” of ecosystems.

According to Injective, the initiative aims to increase liquidity and availability on blockchains. The development will also benefit relevant communities by providing a simplified transition between networks.

In addition to Polygon, Injective supports Ethereum and Cosmos. The second protocol was integrated at the end of March 2023.

Recall that in January, Injective Labs raised $150 million to develop the project ecosystem. The launch of the fund was supported by Pantera Capital and Kraken Ventures.

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