Inflection AI raises $1.3 billion from a number of investors


The AI-powered Pi chatbot startup Inflection AI has raised $1.3 billion from investors including Microsoft and Nvidia.

Funding was also provided by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

According to Reuters, the startup was valued at $4 billion. The total amount of funds raised was $1.5 billion.

Representatives of Inflection AI said that the funding received will support further efforts to develop the first product, the Pi chatbot. It is designed to generate “easy conversations” and can ask counter questions.

“Personal AI will be the most revolutionary tool in our lives. This is truly a watershed moment,” said Mustafa Suleiman, CEO and co-founder of the project.

Earlier, AI startup Anthropic announced it had raised $450 million from Spark Capital, Google, Salesforce Ventures, Zoom Ventures and other investors. The funds will be used to create “useful, harmless and honest artificial intelligence systems.” Among them is the Claude chatbot, which performs a wide range of word processing tasks.

Recall that in June, journalist Jamie Redman interviewed six popular chat bots with artificial intelligence about the ability of bitcoin to become the world’s reserve currency.

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