In the wake of COVID, the P&H Bar Council is seeking 100 million Rupee in financial assistance for ‘needy advocates.’

In view of the Surge in COVID Cases, the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana in its emergent meeting persisted Friday (April 30) has decided to require some steps with reference to the functioning of the Courts and safety of Advocates in Punjab, Haryana & Chandigarh.

Resolution No. 1
The Council acknowledged the “acute shortage of steroids, oxygen requirements, ventilation care etc.” which “even hospitals are flooded to full occupancy contributing to the heart-wrenching price .”

It was also observed that thanks to semi-functional Courts, the advocates are finding it difficult to support their families which if any suspension/lockdown was imposed on Court working again, it might be extremely difficult to regain the lost ground and restart functionality.

It was also apprised to the House by Mr.Minderjeet Yadav, Chairman that quite 100 advocates (daily growing) have unfortunately died thanks to Covid-19 infection and countless frantically seeking hospital admissions and help in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh emphasizing that urgent steps got to be taken to make sure their safety, healthcare and security.

The House was also apprised of the media report stating that quite 100 Judicial Officers and 400+ employees/court staff are tested positive of this lethal strain.

The Council thus resolved to right away write to the judge apprising him of the present situation and request him to require appropriate steps as per his wisdom and available expertise to safeguard the health and safety of all advocates and their families.

The Council has further resolved to not enforce physical hearing of the cases and only most urgent cases be heard during this unprecedented situation a minimum of for 15 days because this is often the sole thanks to break the transmission of Covid-19 to safeguard Hon’ble Judges, Officers, lawyers, paralegal staff, Court employees, and litigants.

Resolution No. 2
It was resolved to request the Election Tribunal to think about the prevailing circumstances of pandemic and keep their order abeyant of holding elections within the Bar, till the time things improves.

Resolution No. 3
The Council has resolved to impress upon the respective governments of Punjab, Haryana, and U.T. Chandigarh to allocate Rs. 100 Crores to Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana, to supply financial help to the needy Advocates.

Thus, it had been resolved to write down to respective State Governments for release of fifty crores each to Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana, Chandigarh as has been wiped out the State of Delhi and Karnataka, in order that the young and stricken Advocates who are suffering thanks to Covid-19,

Further, Atul Nanda, Advocate General, Punjab was requested to right away release one crore from Trustee Committee (Punjab) as Covid Fund as given by Haryana and he graciously accepted to require up the matter with the govt of Punjab, on priority.

The Council further authorized the Chairman to satisfy , apprise and represent to H.E. The Governor of Punjab (also the Administrator of U.T Chandigarh) and both the Hon’ble Chief Ministers during this regard.

Furthermore, it had been resolved that the Council will start a 24*7 helpline to supply ready coordination and logistics support to all or any advocates and their families who require any assistance thanks to Covid-19.

The Council also will contemplate on the likelihood of converting the Law Bhawan Office at Chandigarh as a tertiary medical aid center with primary medical centers connected to every district and sub-divisions (with ambulance facilities) exclusively for advocates and their families.

The Council also resolved to start out an awareness campaign/movement amongst advocates and their families under the tagline ‘Advocates – Break the Chain’ focused on minimizing laxity and Covid-19 inappropriate behavior.

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