In the Vologda region, a family was deprived of an apartment for drunkenness KXan 36 Daily News

In the village of Ermakovo near Vologda, a family was evicted from a municipal apartment without being provided with other housing for drunkenness.

According to the joint press service of the courts of the Vologda region, the family lived in an apartment on the terms of social employment. Regular drunken gatherings took place in the apartment, which caused a lot of inconvenience to the neighbors, no repairs were made in the living quarters, and the apartment gradually deteriorated.

The district administration considered that the residents worsened the state of the municipal housing stock. At first, officials tried to peacefully negotiate with the residents, in particular, sent them notifications so that they would bring the apartment back to normal and stop poisoning the lives of neighbors. But the residents ignored the letters from the administration. Then the officials went to court.

The court agreed with the arguments of the administration and now the tenants are subject to eviction.


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