In the US, they revealed information about the preparation of Twitter to block Trump

Ideological preparations for blocking the account of former US President Donald Trump on Twitter began a few months before the storming of the Capitol by his supporters. This was stated on December 9 by journalist Matt Taibbi, citing internal company documents.

In his Twitter account, the journalist distributed fragments of correspondence between company employees during the previous presidential race in the United States.

“While the bulk of the internal debate that led to Trump’s ban took place after the January 6 Capitol riots, the intellectual foundation for this move was laid in the months leading up to these events,” Taibbi wrote.

It follows from the published materials that back in October 2020, Twitter management created a special channel where they discussed the blocking of accounts of persons related to the US presidential elections. Among them were also high-ranking politicians.

“Having completed the Trump lockdown, Twitter leadership has begun processing new power. They were preparing to block (accounts. – Ed.) future presidents and the White House administration – perhaps even Joe Biden, ”the journalist said.

However, at the moment it is not possible to verify the accuracy of the information published by Taibbi.

The new head of Twitter, entrepreneur Elon Musk, unblocked the account of former US President Donald Trump on the social network on November 19. He made this decision after the results of a survey on account recovery. Of the 15 million respondents, the majority (51.8%) were in favor.

However, Trump himself said that he was not going to return to Twitter. The former US president assured that Truth Social, launched by him in February, will remain his main public online platform.

Twitter suspended Trump’s account in January 2021 amid the storming of the Capitol by Republican supporters. The leadership of the platform justified its decision with “the risk of further incitement to violence.” After blocking the account, Trump created his own social network Truth Social, where he gained 4.5 million subscribers in almost two years.

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