In the State Duma doubted the need for hourly wages

The very idea of ​​increasing the minimum wage deserves attention, but focusing on hourly wages will encourage managers to shift their employees to a shorter work week. Thus, Mikhail Tarasenko, a member of the State Duma Committee on Labor and Social Policy, commented on the earlier initiative of the deputies to establish the minimum hourly wage.

He said that incentive payments play a significant role in the Russian salary system. And despite the fact that the guaranteed part is not very high. Therefore, the constant component of salaries in Russia will increase if the level of the fixed minimum wage without taking into account surcharges is increased. This, Tarasenko noted, can only be welcomed.

However, a member of the State Duma committee emphasized that calculating wages by days and hours (with an increase in the minimum rate) is a secondary procedure.

“I do not think that this initiative will have a chance of adoption. Our traditions say that the minimum wage is calculated on a monthly basis. I don’t see any problems with the application of this standard, ”Tarasenko quoted Nation News.

As previously wrote, the minimum hourly wage for workers in Russia on part-time basis from January 1, 2021, may be 150 rubles per hour. State Duma deputies Yaroslav Nilov, Igor Lebedev, Alexei Didenko, Andrey Svintsov and LDPR senator Sergei Leonov sent the bill to the government.

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