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In the Russian Federation, they proposed to think about a fine for leaving an electric scooter outside the parking lot

If you leave an electric scooter outside the special parking zone, you can get a fine. Such a measure of responsibility was proposed by the deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma Konstantin Denisov. This was reported on August 3 by the Kommersant newspaper.

The initiative has just been submitted to the regional parliament and concerns not only scooters, but also other means of individual mobility (SIM), which include bicycles, gyro scooters and unicycles.

The deputy proposed to limit the amount of the fine for a single abandonment of equipment from 500 to 1 thousand rubles. In case of a repeated act – from 2 to 5 thousand rubles.
The Saratov authorities decided to take care of the problem of streamlining the use of electric scooters on the streets of the city due to the increasing number of accidents with these vehicles.

Representatives of rental companies reacted positively to the idea, but considered that it would be difficult to bring violators to justice.

The publication noted that this is not the first time that regional authorities are trying to regulate the use of electric scooters at the local level. So the Moscow authorities and the mayor’s office of Kazan are introducing so-called slow zones in their territories, where rented scooters automatically slow down from 25 to 5-15 km / h near parks, squares and pedestrian zones.

On July 8, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs suggested that the school curriculum should include classes on learning to ride electric scooters. It was proposed to allocate additional hours for this.

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