In the largest cities of Russia collapsed the cost of rental housing

According to the results of May 2020, rented apartments fell in price in Moscow and in Russia as a whole. The reduction in rates for all major cities in the segment of one-room lots amounted to 1.2 percent, in the segment of “dvushka” – 1.4 percent, “three rubles” – 1.7 percent. This is stated in the materials of the portal “World of apartments”, received by the editorial office of “”.

In the second month of self-isolation, “odnushki” became more accessible in 47 Russian cities out of the 70 largest, “dvushka” – 51, “treshki” – 58, analysts calculated. The most noticeable drop in rental prices was observed in Tolyatti, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Ulan-Ude and Kemerovo.

In Moscow, three-room apartments fell the most in price (minus 2 percent, up to 54 thousand rubles / month per lot on average), a little less – two-room apartments (minus 1.9 percent, 47 thousand / month), rates for one-room apartments became one and a half percent lower ( 38.4 thousand rubles / month).

“There is no demand, prices have collapsed,“ the plaster is being removed, the client is leaving ”- the landlords have been in this mood for almost two months in a row, experts say. – Tenants are mercilessly traded. And although many apartment owners themselves are in limbo, they have to enter into the position of those whom they quarantined without money, without work, or even in a hospital. Many make concessions, and those who do not agree to lower the rate risk staying with an empty apartment. ”

Experts do not exclude that “the rental market will win back”, when all restrictions associated with the spread of coronavirus will be finally lifted. “Those who left large cities will return and begin to look for housing. Maybe in June prices will creep up a bit, ”they suggest.

Earlier in June, Moscow realtors refuted data on a collapse in apartment rental rates in the city. According to them, during the period of the self-isolation regime in the capital, owners agree to discounts of no more than 10 percent.

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