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In Russia, they proposed to tighten the practical part of training in driving schools

In Russia, it is worth expanding the mandatory minimum of practical training in driving schools, experts from the ANO “Institute for the Study of Contemporary Politics” believe. This is stated in a letter from the head of the institute, Anton Orlov, addressed to the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, Sergei Kravtsov. The text is at the disposal of Izvestia.

The document provides traffic police statistics for 2021, according to which in 133.3 thousand accidents (we are talking about accidents in which there were dead or injured), a total of 14,874 people died, another 167,856 were injured.

It is noted that, according to experts, more than 80% of all accidents occur precisely because of drivers who could not timely calculate and predict the traffic situation, so the key point in ensuring road safety is driver training.

According to Orlov, the practical course in driving schools has a large number of flaws. So, one of the main problems of training is the focus of driving schools on the result in the form of successfully passing the exam in the traffic police, and not on acquiring the skills to drive a vehicle in various road conditions. Therefore, when driving on the road, driving school graduates do not feel confident, since they encountered very limited real-life situations in the learning process.

“I ask you to consider the possibility of expanding the mandatory minimum of practical training in driving schools: to include in it the development of skills for high-speed driving on highways, driving at night on unlit roads, in adverse weather conditions, as well as elements of counter-emergency driving,” the text of the letter says.

According to the authors of the initiative, such a change will contribute to road safety and reduce the death rate of Russians in road accidents.

On July 7, the head of the Main Directorate for Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Mikhail Chernikov, said that representatives of the traffic police are working on developing a new approach to teaching the theory of drivers. He also noted that in order to improve practical knowledge in Russian driving schools, more qualified instructors are needed who will not save training time to consolidate practical driving skills.

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