In Russia, summer residents will be able to save on taxes with the help of benefits

Owners of summer cottages in Russia will be able to save thanks to a reduced land tax from 1.5 to 0.3% of the cadastral value.

“All lands that have the status of“ For a summer house ”or“ For a summer house ”were equated with garden plots. Now, when calculating the tax on them, a coefficient of 0.3% will be applied. ”, Writes MK.

In addition, citizens of retirement age are entitled to a tax reduction from 2017, when the price of 600 square meters of land is deducted from its full cadastral value. However, the support measure does not apply to government workers and citizens who qualify for early accrual of an insurance pension.

There are also benefits for those who want to sell the inherited cottage. Citizens who have owned land for less than three years can reduce their taxable income. The first method assumes that the amount spent by the donor or testator on the acquisition of the plot is deducted from the income. The second option is to reduce income by the amount of personal income tax paid upon receipt of a summer residence as a gift (with the exception of close relatives).

Earlier it was reported that the Russian government plans to extend the summer amnesty until March 1, 2022 as part of a package of measures to restore the economy after the coronavirus pandemic. According to Yuri Shalyganov, chairman of the Moscow regional branch of the All-Russian public organization Union of Gardeners of Russia, this measure will give Russians more time to legitimize their dachas.

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