In Russia, prices for red caviar reached a maximum in ten years

Rosstat has recorded a significant rise in the price of red caviar in Russian stores, RBC reports with reference to the department’s data. Prices will hit a ten-year high amid a sharp decline in production.

In April 2021, 1 kg of salmon caviar in retail cost an average of 4.7 thousand rubles, which is 30% more than in April 2020. This figure has become an absolute record since 2011. A continuous rise in the price of the delicacy has been observed since June 2020. By November of the same year, the average price for the first time exceeded 4 thousand rubles. for 1 kg of caviar. According to Rosstat estimates, the production of salmon caviar in 2020 decreased by almost half: 11 thousand tons against 21.6 thousand in 2019.

Polina Kirova, director for development of the Rybset fish supermarket chain, explained that now prices for caviar from suppliers are on average 30% higher than last year. Prices for wholesale deliveries increased by 50% over the year, said Vitaly Kornev, President of the Association of Manufacturing and Trade Enterprises of the Fish Market and founder of the Moremania fish store chain.

Rosrybolovstvo notes that salmon production in the Far East was less than 300 thousand tons, which is almost 56% less than in the record year 2018.

At the same time, the Federal Agency for Fishery does not predict a deficit of salmon caviar until the beginning of the season of 2021, explaining this by the fact that there are still unrealized remnants of 2019 products. The production of red caviar in 2021 may amount to about 18-20 thousand tons, which will fully cover the consumption, which is estimated at about 12-16 thousand tons per year, added a representative of the Federal Agency for Fishery.

About the difficulties experienced by large networks for the production of red caviar in Russia and a number of suppliers – read in the material “Kommersant” “Caviar is expected to rise in price.”

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