In Russia began to sell new Chevrolet for 880 thousand rubles

Damas are equipped with a 0.8 liter engine with a capacity of 38 hp and a manual transmission. The seats in the cabin are located one after another in three rows according to the scheme: 2 + 3 + 2. Load capacity – 560 kilograms. The gearbox is a five-speed manual. The power unit is located longitudinally, under the floor in the front of the body, the drive is on the rear wheels.

Damas length is 3845 mm, width – 1400 mm, height – 1920 mm, wheelbase size – only 1840 mm. Although the car is quite tall and narrow, it is stable at high speeds and when cornering, Chevrolet says.

Recall that the Daewoo Damas car under the Chevrolet brand has been produced since 2011. The history of this model dates back to 1991, when the discontinued Japanese Suzuki Carry van of the 1985-1989 generation and its cargo version (called the Daewoo Labo) were launched in South Korea.

Photo: Chevrolet press service.

Photo: Chevrolet press service.

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