Since the beginning of 2020, the average cost per square meter of apartments in Moscow (excluding elite offers) has decreased by 2.6 percent. This was reported by the news agency “Moscow” with reference to the data of the analytical center CIAN.

According to analysts, apartments account for 21 percent of the supply of housing under construction in the capital. In the mass segment, the share of apartments is 12 percent, in the business class – 19 percent, in the elite segment – more than 60 percent. On average, a “square” of real estate of this type costs 227 thousand rubles (at the beginning of 2020 – 233 thousand rubles).

TsIAN notes that apartments in Moscow new buildings have risen in price this year, while apartments have become cheaper.

“Demand for apartments is minimal, besides, preferential mortgages do not apply to this format of real estate, which means that we can expect an outflow of demand in favor of apartments, which also does not lead to an increase in prices,” a representative of the portal told the agency.

Earlier, in April, it was reported that apartments in Russia were planned to be equated to housing. The corresponding bill was developed by the Federation Council. Senators plan to amend housing, urban planning, and land laws.

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