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Import continues to fall in favor of the ruble // Monitoring of statistics


The “mirror” statistics of foreign trade (according to trading partners), despite the fact that these data were closed by the FCS, allows, among other things, to clarify the source of the record trade surplus of $40.2 billion previously recorded by the Bank of Russia. Analysts of the Solid Numbers Telegram channel, based on the statistics of the countries that are the main trading partners of the Russian Federation, record: in April, exports and imports in annual terms changed in a mirror way: the first increased by 41% in annual terms, the second decreased by the same amount (see chart) . “Sustained export growth reflects rising commodity prices and a gradual restructuring of supply chains – while in April the negative spread of Urals against Brent widened from about $31 at the beginning of the month to $36,” they note. It should be noted that similar dynamics – a decrease of 40% in annual terms in April-May – is shown, according to the Ministry of Finance, by import revenues to the budget (VAT, excises and import duties). Imports of machinery and equipment to the Russian Federation in April decreased by 65% ​​in annual terms against 56% in March. In May, we recall … .


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