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IKEA has resumed the sale of its products online

After the suspension of the final online sale, the IKEA chain of stores on Monday, July 25, resumed the ability to purchase goods on its official website.

“You are on the waiting page to go to IKEA.ru. The waiting time depends on the number of users on the site and can take from several minutes to more than an hour,” the site says.

Store employees advised users not to refresh the page so as not to lose their place in the queue. After the transition, buyers will have enough time to select goods and make a payment, but their personal account and shopping list will not be available.

The organization also noted that if there is no activity for ten minutes, the system will return the user to the queue.

IKEA once again suspended the sale on July 22 with a promise to continue after the weekend.

On July 21, it became known that IKEA intends to raise the cost of its products in stores around the world. It is noted that the company was forced to take such a step by a general increase in the cost of raw materials, a rise in the price of electricity and a disruption in supply chains in connection with EU sanctions.

On June 16, IKEA announced to employees that it was selling its business in the Russian Federation and disbanding its staff. The corporation has promised to pay compensation to laid-off workers in the amount of seven months’ salary. On June 27, it was noted that the co-founder of the Russian furniture manufacturer Mr.Doors Maxim Valetsky could buy the company.

On July 5, IKEA started selling off leftovers from warehouses in Russia.

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