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ICR will assess the inaction of the police in case of threats to the murdered girl in Novosibirsk

The Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia will assess the inaction of the Novosibirsk police, who ignored the messages of relatives about the threats of the murdered 17-year-old girl Anastasia. This was stated on July 27 in a message on the agency’s website.

The murder was committed on July 26, the suspect was detained in hot pursuit and confessed to the crime.

Investigators found a publication in the media that the relatives of the murdered minor had repeatedly written statements to the police about threats from the suspect. However, the checks did not end with the initiation of a criminal case.

“At the same time, it indicates the lack of reaction from law enforcement agencies regarding the man, in this regard, as part of the investigation of the criminal case, a legal assessment will be given to the inaction of law enforcement officers,” the UK added.

As it turned out, the detainee had previously been prosecuted and had a criminal record. His acquaintance said that three years ago he was convicted for having wounded his ex-girlfriend with a knife.

Anastasia’s acquaintances suggested that the crime was committed on the basis of jealousy. The suspect in the murder was previously in a relationship with the victim, during which he used violent actions against Anastasia because of her communication with other men. Due to constant pressure, the deceased stopped communicating with Roman.

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