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I never dreamed of this In the USA, they were afraid of a repeated collapse in the financial markets

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In the United States, a collapse in the financial markets is possible, since the situation in them is still uncertain, follows from the report of the US Federal Reserve System (FRS) on financial stability.

“Uncertainty still remains high, and markets remain volatile compared to historical norms, which suggests the possibility of further price reductions if the situation develops worse than expected,” the document says.

It also noted that in order to respond to changes in the economy, the real estate market, including the commercial one, needs more time, and this industry risks being subjected to serious pressure.

Earlier, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the US economy could experience a “lasting impact” from the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to him, “the scale and pace of the economic downturn has no precedent since the Second World War,” and can be repeated faster than previously observed.

Earlier, Sputnik Radio reported that, according to a statement by the White House representative, the unemployment rate in the United States against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic will approach the bottom in May-June and will amount to over 20%.

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