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Hungarian Prime Minister Meets Donald Trump

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met at the negotiating table with former US President Donald Trump. This was announced on Tuesday, August 2, by the press secretary of the Hungarian politician Bertalan Havasi to the MTI agency.

The interview took place at Trump’s estate in Bedminster, New Jersey. In addition to Orban, the talks were attended by: Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, political adviser to the Prime Minister Balazs Orban and chairman of the parliamentary commission on foreign affairs Zsolt Nemeth.

“Hungarian-American political relations were at their peak when Donald Trump was President of the United States. We hope that our relations will continue to be at the same level!” Sijjarto said later.

The former head of the White House, in turn, expressed positive impressions of the meeting and added that he and Orban also noted the latter’s victory in the parliamentary elections in April.

Viktor Orban arrived in the United States at the invitation of the former president to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Earlier, Orban, speaking at an event organized by the Hungarian community of Romania on July 23, expressed the opinion that if Donald Trump had remained US President and Angela Merkel had remained German Chancellor, then the conflict in Ukraine would never have started. He also noted that “the sanctions did not shake Moscow” and admitted that the actions of the Russian Federation will put an end to Western domination and the unipolar world.

Meanwhile, on July 9, Donald Trump spoke to supporters in Anchorage, Alaska, and once again criticized the policies of the current head of state, Democrat Joe Biden, who, according to the Republican, led the United States into decline and turned the country into a weakening power. The Republican also blamed the Biden administration for the country’s record inflation, rising fuel prices, the loss of “energy independence”, declining stock markets, the failed withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, and many other problems.

The former president emphasized that if he won the elections in 2020, the situation would not have turned out this way.

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