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HP warned of possible restriction of electronics supplies to Russia


The manufacturer of computers and laptops HP told Russian partners that they need to confirm or adjust orders for electronics, which they plan to receive in December, by the end of June. If the manufacturer does not receive these order data, deliveries may not take place or will be limited.

“Due to the shortage of electronic components and computers in the global market, HP decided to resort to shorter-term planning. This means that if the retailers’ orders are not confirmed by the beginning of July, computers produced for Russia may be shipped to other countries, ”a source told Vedomosti. According to another interlocutor, other electronics manufacturers sent similar requests to Russian companies, he did not name specific brands.

According to the CEO of HP Inc. in Eastern Europe by Alexey Voronkov, letters with a proposal to accelerate procurement planning were sent to corporate customers. “It is important for them to place an order at the plant by the end of June in order to be in time with deliveries on time, otherwise the delivery will have to be in 2022,” he explained. Mr. Voronkov noted that difficulties with the availability of PC components will continue until the end of this year. At the same time, the deficit will spread to a wider range of components.

Earlier, the US-Singaporean company Flex, which produces microprocessors and microcircuits, announced that the global shortage of chips will last for at least another year. The company supplies its products to manufacturers such as HP, Ford, Dyson. The reason for the interruptions in the supply of chips was not only the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the trade wars between the United States and China.

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