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How citizens were robbed twice


In Moscow, the police figured out the location of the call center, from where scammers called pensioners and deceived them for millions of rubles. The scammers were looking not just for old people, but for those who had already burned themselves on financial pyramids. One of them, coincidentally, also collapsed with a bang this week. Moreover, as soon as the operational filming of the detention of its founders appeared on the Web, dozens of citizens recognized their offenders in a completely different case on the recording. The effective scheme was based on a complex tangle of professional lies.

She pretends to be confused. Then he realizes that a search cannot be avoided, and tries to focus on the documents.

– Your rights and obligations are explained to you. You, as a person participating in the search.

The lady in the peignoir is the creator of the financial pyramid. For six months, Elena Kruchinina did not skimp on advertising on the Internet and on her own call center. After all, then gullible citizens gave her their millions.

“They offered to make highly effective investments for operations in the international currency market. They promised clients an income of up to 30 percent per annum,” said Irina Volk, an official representative of the Russian Interior Ministry.

For six months, would-be investors enriched the fraudster by hundreds of millions of rubles. However, the investigators found out that Elena Kruchinina has been trailing a criminal trail for several years.

“I can say with confidence that she was, I don’t know if she is now, but she was definitely an employee of the Custodian company,” said Dmitry Filyukov, the victim.

Victims of the actions of the Custodian company identified it as the main financier of the pyramid, closed last year.

The star of this advertisement is Andrey Plotnikov. The leader and ideological inspirer of the company, to which hundreds of people all over Russia gave their savings.

“Problems started about six months later. Another manager called and offered us to deposit additional money,” said Natalia Karbunarova.

After Custodian’s license to conduct financial transactions was taken away, its leader Andrey Plotnikov fled with the money to the United Arab Emirates. Elena Kruchinina did not have time to escape abroad.

This is another call-center, which was “visited” this week by operatives. Even a minute before the visit of the police, they obligingly urged pensioners to give their money, promising to save and increase.

– There was a base on the table. They told me: take the base, call, we will help people. I did what I was told.

These excuses are as false as the promises that stupefy gullible pensioners. Here’s how newcomer phone scammers are instructed.

– The main thing for you is that he “brings” these grandmothers. And the main thing is for you, because you get the percentage every day. The bigger the check, the more you get.

This pensioner once already lost her money by contacting scammers. And here she was promised to help return them. At extra charge.

– There I paid almost two million. And in this organization they gave me a 100% guarantee that little by little, one after another, they would win back my money. Here I paid 100 thousand.

Fraudsters are very fond of pensioners. Just not completely disinterested. Vyacheslav Ivanovich believed everyone who introduced himself as a good person. And he was ready to give his hard-earned money to everyone.

Why did you give them money? What did you believe?

– What … Well, she, Kristina Pavlovna, introduced herself like this …

– And what did you give those million 600 thousand for?

– And I invested those million 600 thousand in financial organizations!

Criminals posing as bank employees have become active again. Olga still does not understand at what point she lost her vigilance.

– They connected the robotic system, they said – no codes need to be said. And those codes that came to my phone, I told the robot.

As a result, the scammers issued two loans for Olga. For a total amount of more than two and a half million rubles.

Most of these call centers operate outside the Russian Federation. Feeling their impunity, phone scammers improve their criminal skills. In just one year, they remotely lured one hundred and fifty billion rubles from citizens.



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