how a businessman dealt with a hockey player in a cafe

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin instructed to report on the progress of the investigation into the murder of the capital’s hockey player. A businessman dealt with Roman Didur during a mass brawl. The suspect has already been arrested.

The likely killer of the young athlete Armen Kuyumdzhi refuses to testify. He either cannot move away from the shock, or he thinks how to build a line of defense. The man has already been taken to the building of the Tagansky District Court. Most likely, from here he will go straight to the pre-trial detention center.

Accompanied by escorts, he silently ascends into the courtroom. He hides his face under a white hood with all his might. Armen Kuyumdzhi, who so desperately brandished a knife in a mass brawl the day before, is now clearly lost. Questions from journalists does not notice.

In the cage, he sits in a closed position with his head down. There are tears in the eyes. Apparently, only now the man really realized that his petty quarrel with hockey player Roman Didur and the athlete’s friends had escalated into stabbing and murder.

Judging by the footage of the fight, several people run away from the entrance to the cafe, they are pursued by the enemy with a knife in his hands. Presumably, this is Kuyumdzhi, the owner of the establishment.

Yulia Ivanova, senior assistant to the head of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Moscow, reports that a man born in 1984 was detained on suspicion of committing a crime and charged.

“A crime weapon was found and seized at the scene, on which the necessary forensic examinations were ordered,” says a representative of the RF IC.

This story does not paint any of its participants. 23-year-old Roman Didur and his friends spent the night at a strip club. Then the excited company began to look for a bite to eat. We saw a cafe.

It turned out right away that the place was already closed. But young people began to insist that they simply had to be fed. A couple of them allegedly even managed to get into the hall through the back door.

The owner of the establishment kicked out the uninvited guests, but they returned to take revenge. Moreover, with reinforcements. Then there was a fight with a stabbing.

Cafe employees say that Kuyumdzhi allegedly rushed to protect his subordinates. Moreover, with so many opponents, he was allegedly simply forced to grab a kitchen knife. And then – almost an accident.

One of the subordinates claims that Armen is a “kind, decent and adequate” guy. According to the girl, in order to bring him down, it was necessary to beat a child or a woman in front of him. She suggests that maybe “the hockey player was also wrong.” The owner of the flower shop Antonina Gaganova also says that she knows him from a “very good side”.

The hockey player’s friends, in turn, believe that the owner of the cafe intentionally hit the athlete in the chest.

Roman Didur was 23. He was a member of the Moscow Student Hockey League team. Played 165 matches. After the end of his sports career, Didur found himself in new competitions – fights of fighters on ice. He competed in the heavyweight division.

The press secretary of the All-Russian Ice Fighting Federation, Dinara Aitova, says that he has always been against alcohol, drugs and has always promoted this.

“The news of Roman’s death was a real shock for us, because only yesterday he was with us at a professional photo shoot among all the other fighters and today he was going to training,” Aitova said.

The head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, took control of the murder case of Roman Didur. Detained Armen Kuyumdzhi is obviously better to start cooperating with the investigation, because his silence can only increase the sentence. He can clearly forget about working in a cafe and living in freedom for several years.

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