Host Norkin made Russians laugh with a Caucasian anecdote after renaming McDonald’s

prt scr NTV Television Company JSC
prt scr NTV Television Company JSC

TV presenter Andrey Norkin made Russians laugh with a witty anecdote about carrot cutlets. The journalist’s joke was traditionally heard on the air of the Meeting Place program.

As part of the political talk show, the invited guests discussed the issue of import substitution and the rebranding of McDonald’s in Russia. Now the establishments of this company will be called “Vkusno i dot”.

Experts noted that the Russians reacted ambiguously to the renaming of the catering network. In particular, the presenters recalled that the first Soviet burgers, which appeared in the middle of the last century, were called “Moscow cutlet”.

At the end of the discussion on this topic, Andrey Norkin decided to tell a joke about a Caucasian cafe.

“The days gone by. Cafe in the Caucasus. The waiter approaches the visitor and says: – Dear! What will you kushat?

– I’ll be kharcho.

– Harasho!

– I’ll have lamb skewers.

– Great, listen!

– I’ll be greens, grapes.

– Wonderful!

– And please give me 100 grams of cognac and a bottle of dry red.

– Pretty boy! Pretty boy! There is only tea and carrot cutlets!

“Why didn’t you tell me about it right away?”

– Heard! You say such beautiful things!” joked Norkin.

The TV presenter’s joke made the guests of the “Meeting Place” cry with laughter and applaud vigorously.

Earlier it was reported that host Norkin made Russian viewers laugh with a joke about a “Jewish concert”.


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