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Honey saved 2022: what date, signs, what not to do

In the last month of summer, folk holidays are celebrated annually – Spas. There are three of them, all of them have a permanent date. The first – August 14 – Honey Savior. The second is Apple Spas. It is celebrated on August 19th. Third – August 29 – Walnut Spas.

All dates are dedicated to Jesus Christ. Hence the name Spas – short for the word Savior. Honey Spas this holiday has several names – First Spas, Makovey, Wet Spas. And in the church calendar, this is the Day of the Origin of the Honest Trees of the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord.

Honey Spas 2022 – what a holiday

At the beginning of the 9th century, during the last month of summer, diseases and epidemics spread in Constantinople due to the heat. On August 1, according to the old style, and according to the new one, on August 14, a part of the Cross on which Jesus was crucified was taken out of the house church of the Greek emperors, they made a procession, consecrated water to them, which was later believed to heal from all diseases. From this came one of the names of the holiday – Wet Spas.

Also, August 14 is the day of remembrance of the Old Testament martyrs Maccabees, who were executed in 166 BC for refusing to worship pagan gods. The Syrian king killed seven brothers one by one in front of his mother, who later died, unable to bear this torment.

Honey Spas: traditions, signs, what not to do

Among the people, the holiday was intertwined with the pagan rite of seeing off the summer and became known as “Makovei”. Since by this time poppy was ripening everywhere, it was generously added to the dishes that were present on the festive table.

This day initially had nothing to do with honey. It’s just that during this period the hives were already full of honey. Our ancestors believed that if it is not collected by August 14, the bees will carry it to neighboring apiaries. After pumping out, the honey was consecrated and they were sure to treat the poor to it. Hence the name, which is most widely used among the people – Honey Spas.

It is believed among the people that on Honey Spas one cannot quarrel, clean the house, sew, swear, have fun and shout loudly.

Our ancestors also believed in some signs of the weather:

  • Honey Spas – the end of summer and the beginning of autumn;
  • roses fade – summer is coming to an end;
  • it is raining – in the summer of next year the forests will not burn.

On August 14, Orthodox believers enter the Dormition Fast, which will last until August 27.

It precedes one of the great church holidays – the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is celebrated on August 28.

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