Hedera network integrated ChatGPT


The Hedera Hashgraph blockchain team has added plugin support based on the ChatGPT language model.

According to network designer Ed Marquez, the integration will allow users to view account balances through a web browser or retrieve them programmatically through API– Rest mirror node interface using artificial intelligence (AI).

The development optimizes the interaction between ChatGPT and the blockchain, simplifying monitoring and asset management.

The plugin is installed directly in the user interface of the neural network. Through it, project participants can make microtransactions, use premium content and influence the blockchain economy.

Marquez provided a step-by-step guide to installing the extension and how to use it.

“You can create plugins that pull other types of information from mirror nodes. For example, the number of NFTs created in the last hour, or the number of transactions processed per day. You can also send transactions to the Hedera network, write data to the Hedera Consensus Service, or even create HTS tokens,” the developer added.

He noted the potential for developing decentralized applications, marketplaces and reward programs using AI technologies.

Recall that in June, the research company Elliptic added support for the ChatGPT chat bot to improve blockchain analytics.

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