Head of the Patent Office of the EAEU Ivliev explained the need for rebranding “McDonald’s” in Russia

“In our countries there is no piracy under the guise of sanctions. Everything is regulated and the state protects intellectual property rights,” he said.

In particular, this concerns the trademark of McDonald’s, which curtailed its business in Russia. We cannot register similar, identical marks, no matter who they come from, even if the company has left the market,” Ivliev emphasized. That is why rebranding is being carried out. under his trademark, he noted.

At the same time, the process of registering intellectual property rights for a new trademark is already underway. “I know that companies that start working instead of McDonald’s have submitted applications,” Ivliev said.

He explained that in this way not only the interests of the departed company are protected, but also the interests of the consumer. If there were no intellectual property protection, the consumer would be misled. He would have thought he was getting the product from the same company that had left, when in fact he wasn’t.

The patent issued by the Eurasian Patent Office protects intellectual property on the territory of eight states, Grigory Ivliev added.

See the full interview with the President of the Eurasian Patent Office Grigory Ivliev on the RG website

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