Haber7: Turkish diesel will be much more expensive for Europe than Russian

Federal News Agency
Federal news agency

Turkey will offer Europe diesel fuel at prices higher than Russian ones, according to Haber7.

After the introduction of an embargo on oil products from the Russian Federation, Turkey can become an alternative exporter for the EU. However, changes in supply routes from Turkey caused by restrictions will make the price of fuel higher. At the same time, Ankara will use the Russian product in the domestic market.

Europe receives at least 500 million barrels of diesel every year, Gazeta.ru reports. Half of this volume was provided by Russia. However, along with Turkish exports, supplies from the United States, China, Iraq and India are possible, the journalists say.

The head of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic, Fatih Donmez, previously stated the readiness of the Turkish Stream pipeline infrastructure for gas trade with Europe. About it writes “Federal Press”.


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