Greater Noida Authority’s big step, will be able to take advantage of these 200 features online from May 1

The Greater Noida Authority is going to do a big job from May 1. The aim of the authority is that people do not have to go round the authority due to Corona infection, all their work should be done while sitting at home. For this, the authority is going to make more than 200 of its services online.

The Greater Noida Authority has been preparing this since the Corona transition spread in the year 2020 as well. It is expected that all types of services will start online from May 1.

The Greater Noida Authority has divided 200 services of all types into 10 main categories. To provide online services, the Authority has developed planning management software. Through this, it helps in disposing of applications found on web portals and mobile apps.

At present, the authority has given prominence to 10 categories. In this, property, planning, health, water, sewerage, electricity, transportation, maintenance, 6 percent population plot, drinking water and general category have been kept.

According to the officers of Greater Noida Authority, the work of online all services is going on from September 2020. At the same time, the authority has also prepared to settle all kinds of issues by 30 April. After this, any application that comes will be taken online. However, there are many facilities that have already been made online. Apart from taking online applications for such facilities, the facility is also being provided online.

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